Dimply Cherry Cake

I cannot decide how I feel about this cake.  I originally made it as a dimply plum cake, which I loved warm out of the pan and really disliked the next day, cooled (perhaps because the plum halves were so large).  But I really loved the taste of the cake!  My husband suggested just making […]

Black Forest Cake

This weekend I craved some good chocolate. And not Easter bunny chocolate, but a rich chocolate cake.  My craving, paired with my daughter reading a book about some kids who make a huge mess while trying to bake a chocolate cake, created the perfect condition for baking on Easter Monday. Of course, involving a preschooler […]

Graham Cracker Cake

The first time I made this cake, I had so many minidisasters that I was too annoyed to eat the cake, so we all ate part of a slice, took lots of pretty pictures and then tossed the rest.  This recipe is from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, called the S’more Cake.  You can make it […]