Teriyaki Chicken

I seem to pick the worst possible days to go out an barbecue.  Last week, I thought I would head out, despite the fact that it was approaching 0C (again!) and it started to rain while I was cooking the burgers.  I left the barbecue cover on the patch of snow that just would not […]

Chicken Fettuccine

I had thought that posting some Easter dishes would be a great idea for the weekend.  And then I realized that my family has never made traditional Easter dishes.  Unless you count French fries and ice cream as traditional food, but my guess is not.  We are not much for doing turkeys for Thanksgiving (we […]

Honey Mustard Chicken

This week is apparently all about chicken.  Because I don’t roast whole chickens (please, don’t let that stop you, though!) I love baking, barbecuing and pan-frying chicken in different sauces.  This recipe works really well for chicken thighs or drumsticks, but you could use chicken breasts, too. When I do chicken pieces for dinner, we […]