Chicken Quesadillas


When you go camping, it’s hard to find amazing meals to make.  It’s great to just pick up canned chili, beans, soup or boxed noodles.  But when you can find meals you can make easily on a camp stove or on a campfire, it just makes the camping experience that much better.

These quesadillas are perfect for camping. They are full of flavour and stuffed with cheese.  And I even sneak in some vegetables, so all 4 food groups are covered in one meal.  They are a bit time consuming to make, until you get a rhythm down while making them.  But if you’re not in a rush, they can easily be made on a camp stove with one frying pan. (You can also make them in your air-conditioned, well-stocked kitchen tonight!).


Chicken Quesadillas

While you can make these with one frying pan, using two is definitely easier.  And it is helpful to have a good quality pan (I used my cast iron pan).  A thin-bottom pan will probably burn everything and make everything stick and you will be frustrated with the result.

Also, it’s hard to know exactly how many quesadillas this recipe will make.  It all depends how much cheese and chicken you put in each.  Do an amount that seems reasonable and see how it goes!

What you need:
    1 lb chicken breast
    1 pepper (whatever colour you like)
    1 packet of fajita mix
    10-14 medium soft tortillas
    cheddar and mozzarella cheese (about half of a large block of each), shredded

What to do:
Chop the chicken into bite-sized pieces and slice the pepper.  Heat some oil in the frying pan over medium heat and fry the chicken and pepper until the meat is cooked through and the pepper is tender.

Add the package of fajita mix and prepare it according to the package directions.

If you have only one frying pan, put the chicken mixture into a bowl and clean out your frying pan.  Heat some more oil in the cleaned pan (or a new one).

This is when you may want an assistant.  I shred as much cheese as I can at one go, alternating between the cheddar and mozzarella (if you buy pre-shredded, this will go much faster!).  On a plate off to the side, put down a tortilla shell and sprinkle on some cheese.  Put some of the chicken mixture on top and then sprinkle more cheese.  Top it off with another tortilla shell.

Very carefully, pick up your prepared quesadilla and place it in the warmed oil in the frying pan.  Let it sit for a couple of minutes, until it is browned underneath and then very carefully, flip it over.  Brown the other side and let the cheese melt.  Move the finished quesadilla to a plate and repeat the process.

I like to prepare the next quesadilla while one is cooking, but if you have an assistant, give them one of the jobs!


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