Bacon Cheddar Dogs

roasted hot dog

This week I went camping on, quite possibly, the worst camping trip ever.  We had reserved a waterfront electrical site that seemed like an awesome idea except for three things:

1. There were no trees in the campsite to tie ropes to for a tarp.

2. It was so hot and no reprieve because there was no shade.

3. It was bullfrog mating season.

Now, you may be thinking, why would bullfrog mating season matter?  Well, I hadn’t realized it was a concern either! However, bullfrogs are LOUD when they feel their territory is threatened.  And they apparently mostly think it’s threatened over night.  Yes, they make noise during the day, but it is NOTHING compared to the amount of noise they make All. Night. Long.  Their regular croaking is easy enough to ignore, but the loud noise they make (that my husband thought was the sound of hippos) is just too much.  The only reprieve I got on the first night was the insane thunderstorm that blew through.  The thunder was so loud, I was sure the ground was shaking!  And I couldn’t hear the bullfrogs.  Of course, I couldn’t sleep because the storm was so loud and my daughter had jumped into my sleeping bag, but still.  No bullfrogs.

Despite the lack of sleep and weather (which, thankfully, did turn around after the first night), the food we ate was awesome!  The first night I wanted to try roasting hot dogs.  And not just any hot dogs.  Wieners stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.  The fire I attempted to build never really turned out well, but I managed to get it to go long enough to roast a couple of hot dogs and enjoy eating mine while running to the bathroom with a three-year-old who desperately needed to go.  I suggest you try these next time you have a campfire.

Bacon Cheddar Dogs

What you need:
    hot dog wieners
    sliced cheddar cheese
    bacon strips
    hot dog buns and condiments
What to do:
Slice the hot dog wieners the long way on one side.  Make sure not to go all the way through and have the slit long enough to fit a slice of cheese. Carefully place a slice of cheese in the slit.  This is a little tricky, but can be done!  Then wrap it up with a slice of bacon.  Slide the whole thing on a roasting stick, making sure that both ends of the bacon are attached by the roasting stick (otherwise it may fall off).  Roast over the campfire until the cheese is melted and it looks done.  Enjoy on a bun with condiments or just on its own!


2 thoughts on “Bacon Cheddar Dogs

  1. Sorry about the worst camping trip, and the story about bullfrogs is next time I’m booking a camping site, I shall remember about bullfrogs and mating season. The hot dogs look delicious. Hope you enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thankfully, the hot dogs were amazing! And once we got settled in, the trip wasn’t totally horrible. Although, when you can’t sleep, camping is not so much fun 🙂

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