It has been a while since I have been able to write a post, and I have a good reason!  It’s also been a while since I’ve been able to really cook or bake ANYTHING.

I am a passionate cyclist.  Not someone who cycles 60-100k a day or who bikes to Kingston for a weekend (because, honestly, my life would seriously suffer) but I LOVE getting on my bike.  This year I started to invest in proper clothes (the shorts do wonders for your bum!) and, more recently, shoes.  Now, I had heard from so many people that once you clip your shoes into your pedals, you are bound to fall off your bike.  So I was prepared.  I practiced clipping in and unclipping while my bike was attached to the trainer.  I thought I was great with it.  And then 3 weeks ago I went out for a ride.  Again, I was prepared to fall off.  So when I had to stop in a parking lot and couldn’t get my feet out, I thought, oh well, and fell.  I was even expecting to get bruises all over my side (which I did), and to scrape up my knee (which also happened).  What I was NOT expecting was that my left arm would be unable to hold me up on my bike!  After spending a night in the emergency room, I found out that I fractured my arm.

Only having one arm to work with has really limited what I can do, but it’s healing now and I have been able to throw together some food!  Since cooking is how I destress, and biking is how I exercise, it has been an interesting few weeks doing neither!

All injuries aside, these popsicles are super easy to make and very healthy.  You can even do it with 1 arm! I love having a stash in my freezer so that my daughter can ask for a treat and I can give her one every day, allowing us to cool off and knowing that she isn’t eating just sugar (although, I am not against store bought popsicles!). These are definitely worth making a batch today.

popsicles in mold


makes as many as you want (mine usually makes about 8, as you see in the photo)

What you need:
equal parts sliced fruit and yogurt (for example, 1 cup of each)*
a little sugar (if you are using a plain yogurt)

What to do:
Put the sliced fruit and yogurt into a blender or food processor and mix until combined.  If the fruit has seeds, you can strain it before making the popsicles.  Pour the mixture into a popsicle mold and place it in the freezer until frozen (at least 5-6 hours).  To unmold, place the popsicle mold in warm water (that goes all the way up to the top) for a few seconds and pull out the popsicle.**  Enjoy!

*I use about 2 medium-large bananas and 3 individual yogurt containers because my daughter doesn’t like seeds from other fruit in her popsicles.  It’s just over 1 cup of each.

**I like to unmold all the popsicles at once and store them in a ziplock bag for easy access later.


2 thoughts on “Popsicles

  1. I am so sorry you fractured your arm. I wish you a speedy recovery. I noticed that people in Ottawa bike a lot. I was there for Canada Day Celebrations and I saw all the biking. Are there people who bike to Kingston? that’s very ambitious I must say. Thanks for sharing this simple recipe. I shall ask my 14 year old to make them. I hope your arm gets better soon. Have a wonderful week!!!!

    • That’s great that you were in Ottawa! It’s been a while since I’ve done the downtown thing, because it’s always so busy. But it’s definitely worth going to! Oh, and yes, there are people who bike to Kingston! Crazy!

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