My favourite yogurt

coconut yogurtEvery once in a while, I will share some of my favourite things.  This week, it’s yogurt!  I am kind of obsessed with this one (Oikos Greek yogurt, coconut flavoured) right now.  I have been slow in jumping on the Greek yogurt wagon because the first few I tried were grainy, unless you get the full fat versions (and I couldn’t justify 9% fat in my yogurt).

I am also in love with coconut, so when I saw this one last week, I thought I might as well try it, even though it is 0% fat and definitely a Greek yogurt.  And I was so surprised!  It’s creamy and sweet and definitely coconuty.  It is my new post-workout snack, since it has 8g of protein.

Because of the style and brand, it’s a little more expensive than regular yogurt ($3.99 for a box of just 4 containers) but to me, it’s totally worth it.

So, if you’re looking for something new to try, I recommend this one!


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