French Toast


Growing up, my specialty in the kitchen was French toast.  I made it on the weekends if we wanted some and on one of the mornings whenever we went camping.  I was not very adventurous with the recipe and would always follow the one found in the Fanny Farmer cookbook (found on page 766).  Always.

However, as a slightly more experienced cook, I like to try new things.  I had a bit of an obsession with Rachael Ray a few years ago, when we still had cable, and I would watch her show all the time.  I loved a lot of her ideas (even though her portion sizes are usually massive).  When I saw her make French toast crusted with almonds, I was in love!  The beauty of putting the almonds on the bread before you cook it is that they toast right on the bread.

If you want to go all out, you can even put some maple syrup in a small pot and stick in a cinnamon stick.  Have it simmer over low heat.  The syrup gains the cinnamon taste.  Then your French toast can have cinnamon without clumping up annoyingly on the first slice of bread (maybe that only happens to me…).

This recipe is a mixture of Fanny Farmer and Rachael Ray.  It works best (as do all French toast recipes) with day old bread.  I especially love using egg bread, but thick slices of white or whole wheat bread (as I used here) also really work.

French Toast
Makes 8 slices.

In a bowl, beat:
 3 eggs
    1 cup milk
    2 Tbsp sugar
    1/2 teaspoon salt

To make soaking the bread easier, pour the mixture into a pie plate.
On a separate plate, put out sliced almonds.
Set a plate or baking dish with paper towel on it in the oven, set to 200F.  This is to store the finished French toast until you are ready to serve it.

Set a pan on low-medium heat and spray the pan with oil or melt some butter on it.  To make each slice of French toast, soak slices of bread on each side then place the slice on top of the almonds, getting each side coated with almonds.  Cook the slices in the pan until the almonds on each side are golden brown.  If you find that the almonds are burning and the bread is still soggy, turn down the heat and be patient with cooking them.  Also, leaving them in the oven for a bit will help them cook through.


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